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Hamilton Primary School Otterville IL

Otterville is the home of the first free integrated school in the United States, the Hamilton Primary School, located on Main Street. In 1834, Dr. Silas Hamilton, a local physician, left $4,000 for the construction and operation of a building for educational and religious purposes. A stone-built school was opened in 1836, and the tuition-free education for local students attracted families to the area. The school was razed in 1872, and was rebuilt and enlarged, with the original stones at the base. Classes were held at the school until 1971. George Washington, a slave freed by Dr. Hamilton, studied here, became successful, and established a perpetual scholarship fund for Americans of African descent. He also provided for the erection of a monument to his former master at the school.

The school was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1998.

 EVPs caught at Hamilton Primary School, Oterville, IL - Private Investigation November 2013.

Response "Brandon Cough" Response "Sigh" Response "William"

The video's below were captured during a private investigation at Hamilton Primary School, Otterville, IL. The first video presents a pulsating orb toward the end of the clip. The second video mid way through displays an energy source near the right side of the door jam. The energy source moves up and down the door jam. We were unable to recreate the effect and there werent any artifacts that would have caused by contamination from outside objects or light sources.


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